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    An Italian History
    Since 1920, the Italo Ottinetti metallurgical company, typical family business, has represented a point of reference in the survey of Italian producers of aluminium pots and utensils for professional and domestic use
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    Cooking tools for excellence in cooking
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In 1920, Italo Ottinetti, born in 1898 and veteran of the Great War, together with some partners, established in Baveno, the typical village on Lake Maggiore currently in the province of Verbania, the metallurgical company that is still named after him.

In the small factory, aluminium was full processed: the bar was melted to obtain the plate that in turn was rolled to obtain the disk from which, after pressing or turning, the finished product was obtained. A purely craftmade production of high quality articles that Italo Ottinetti sold personally, travelling all over Italy as far as Sicily. At that time, the range included cutlery, pots and pans and household accessories, as documented by the catalogue of 1925, year in which Italo Ottinetti became the single owner of the company.

Our strong points

Product range

We put a wide range of products for professional and domestic use at the disposal of our customers, mainly in aluminium, but also in copper, steel and tinplate.

Flexibility and innovation

The family business management and the extremely flexible work organisation allow us to operate with the greatest flexibility, structural and otherwise, for the study and finalisation of new products

Environmental sustainability

We process aluminium because it is one of the most common materials on earth, it is a good thermal conductor, it is versatile and it is recyclable over and over again

Customer care

We accompany our customers in the design and execution of new products that fully satisfy even the most particular requirements.


Melting analysis of raw materials, production chain certification of the suppliers, product traceability and strict controls in the production phase, guarantee an absolute food safety to our articles


All the catalogue models of our products, from confectionery moulds to decorative jars, from professional pots to pastry cutters, are always available at the warehouse.